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From Our Dance Family

“Miss Gabi has been an amazing dance teacher to my daughter. Since she took up jazz a few years ago, Miss Gabi has been a constant part of my daughter's life.  I especially love the way Miss Gabi relates to kids of all ages.  She has a unique and special way of connecting with children and drawing out the best in each of them.  All the while teaching them new and improved dance techniques, growing their love for this art form and instilling in them the value of hard work and focus.  I've seen my daughter take these important life lessons from dance and apply it to other parts of her life - at school, with her friends and her family.   My husband and I have such high regard for Miss Gabi and her faculty.  She has made a tremendous and positive impact in the lives of her dancers and we look forward to many more years at GCDC!”

Mia Rubin

“Gabi is an amazing instructor. My daughter loves working with her. She is an incredible choreographer and makes dancing so much fun!!! We love her so much!!!”

Carolyn Woolson

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