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June 19 - 23 
Summer Kick Off Intensive (ages 7+ *Experienced Dancers) 

This is the best way to get the summer started! Designed for dancers seeking to refine their skills, this fun and upbeat intensive will not be one to forget. Dancers will train with a variety of instructors focusing on a range of technical skills including turns, leaps, extensions and tricks.

Ages (7 & Up)      9am-1pm        $375

Ages 4-6 (Cuties team)    9am-11:30am      $225

June 26 - 30 
Unicorn Magic (ages 3-6)

A fairy tale whimsical week full of magical fun, dance, games, crafts and so much more! Prepare to see your magical unicorns preform for you on the last day!

Dance Remix (Jazz/HipHop) (ages 7+ *No Experience Needed) 

An exciting and energetic experience for children to learn and master the techniques and styles of jazz and hip hop dance. A fun upbeat performance will be held on the last day.

9am-12pm      $225

9am-12pm      $225

June 28 - 30 
Video/Camera Work Intensive (ages 7+ *Experienced Dancers) 

Learn how to dance for the camera and create your own music video!

This intensive is a dynamic program that teaches dancers how to move in front of the camera and create their own music videos, featuring instruction in dance technique and choreography. This is perfect for dancers looking to expand on their skills like auditioning and learn new ways to express themselves as performers.

9am-1pm      $225

July 5 - 7 
Wild Animals (ages 3-6) 

Roar, leap, and twirl your way through an unforgettable dance adventure during Wild Animals weekend! Lots of crafts, music, dance and animals! See you wild animal dancers preform on the last day!

9am-12pm      $150

July 10 - 14 
Super Heros  (ages 3-6) 

A high energy, action-packed week with music, dance and crafts! Your child will learn fun and simple dance routines and a fun performance will be put on for you on the last day!

9am-12pm      $150

July 10 - 14 & July 17 - 21 
Cirque Du San Elijo Acro (ages 7+ *No Experience Needed) 

An active and dynamic experience for children to learn and combine the techniques of gymnastics with the elements of dance, creating exciting and impressive performances. A fun upbeat performance will be held on the last day.

Mermaid Madness (ages 3-6)

Mermaid Madness camp is a fun experience that introduces young children to dance! There will be lots of music, dance and crafts! A Mermaid Madness show will be preformed on the last day!

9am-12pm      $225

9am-12pm      $225 or two weeks for $400 

July 17 - 21 
July 24 - 28 
Princess Tea Party (ages 3-6) 

Join us for a magical experience that will enchant your little one. In this camp, your child will learn basic dance movements. We will finish off the week with a special show and a tea party while dressed up as their favorite princess.

9am-12pm      $225

Broadway Dance Camp (ages 7+ *No Experience Needed) 

A thrilling and engaging week for children to work on their acting and singing skills and get the chance to learn and perform dance routines inspired by famous Broadway musicals. A fun upbeat performance will be held on the last day.

9am-1pm      $300

July 31 - August 4 
Circus Fun (ages 3-6) 

A lively and playful week full of circus animals, acrobats, and clowns. We will have a range of fun filled activities like dancing to circus-themed songs, learning some acrobatic moves, making crafts and a performance on the last day!

9am-12pm      $225

Ballet Contemporary & Lyrical (ages 7+ *No Experienced Required) 

A a graceful and expressive week for children to learn and explore the techniques and styles of classical ballet and contemporary dance. A fun upbeat performance will be held on the last day.

9am-1pm      $350

Ballet/Contemporary Intensive (ages 7+ *Experienced Dancers) 

(with Guest Instructors)

This intensive is a highly-focused program that provides experienced dancers with specialized training in these two key styles, offering immersive instruction, opportunities to refine technique, and masterclasses from renowned experts in the field.

9am-1pm      $350

August 7 - 11 
Technique Intensive (ages 7+ *Experienced Dancers) 

Ages (7 & Up)      9am-1pm        $375

Ages 4-6 (Cuties team)    9am-11:30am      $225

This intensive is a rigorous week designed for experienced and dedicated dancers who want to refine their skills. Dancers will receive specialized training and personalized feedback in various dance styles. This intensive has a focus on technique and dancers will work on technical skills like turns, leaps, extensions and tricks. This intensive is ideal for dancers who are ready to push themselves to the next level and achieve their goals as performers.

Date TBD
Arieal Achievements (ages 7+ *Experienced Dancers) 

Time and Price TBD

The Ariel achievement workshop is a specialized program designed to help acro dancers refine their skills and achieve new levels of excellence in a range of techniques, from aerials to tumbling, featuring specialized instruction and immersive training experiences in a supportive and challenging environment.

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