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We Are So Glad You Are Here

We Hope to be Part of Your Dance Journey

GC Dance Company offers students a creative and encouraging environment that nurtures all abilities while emphasizing technique, discipline and artistic education. We provide private and group classes at both the recreational and competitive levels. Our highly trained instructors teach children and young adults beginning-to-advanced ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and lyrical dance. 

Who We Are


We Believe

A healthy teacher-student relationship is essential for both personal growth and technical development. With small class sizes, students receive hands-on attention. The GC Dance Company faculty’s passion inspires students and their families, creating an upbeat and friendly experience for all. We are committed to train as well as guide and mentor students as they develop into young confident people bringing art to the community. 


We value each student’s effort and strive to bring out the best in everyone. We believe that hard work, dedication and passion are the keys to success – in life as well as dance – and we endeavor to develop these attributes in our students every day.


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